ioPush ? What ?

It is an application dedicated to the Internet of Things and all birds singing on the internet.

Good, but what is it doing ?

That's all ?

Yes, ioPush is designed to be simple and easy to use, it does two jobs for now but do it well !

What is the point ?

You can log everything you want, even when your step mother's phone crossing your doorway :)
Another example : You can log some home automation events like

It can be usefull to have all those information of the past hours in one page. Moreover, you can chose which messages you want to have instantaneously on your phone thanks to push messages !

Great where should I start ?

Just register and send messages, it is free !
Be carreful: it should not append, but the service is in beta test so the database might be erased from time to time.

But how can I send messages

Just send a GET or a POST request, everything is described here, with some examples :)
You can also send or automatically transfert emails to : the subject will be stored in your logbook and pushed to all your devices.
Your auth_token can be found on user's page, be careful : it changes everytime you change your password.

It is wonderfull, but I don't know how to do it with my device...

Send an email, I might help.

And for push notifications ?

It is currently in test, send me a message if you want the app.

I found a bug or want a new functionnality !

Send me an email or open an issue/pull request on Github.

And about privacy ?

Nobody will look to your data, but all source code is on Github, so you can clone your own server where you want !

Good idea, but the design is ugly

True, I will try to improve it later. Please help to improve this part as I am not a designer...